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Encompass Labs is a creative outlet where modern stacks are continuously evaluated, tested and adapted for a variety of applications and systems development. This encompasses new projects, existing ones requiring re-factoring or legacy software needing modernization and scale.

The modern stack comprises full stack, from front to the backend including services layer and indexing technologies and everything in between. And all of it with cross-platform compatibility in mind while targeting mobile, desktop and web applications.

With a variety of options and opinions around the competing technologies in the market today, the decisions to adopt one technology over another has become a daunting task. Encompass Labs attempts to reduce the ambiguity by fully comprehending the scope of the project from a non-technical point of view and then translates it into technology choices.

Hi! My name is Nasir Aziz, offering you my 18+ years of professional software development experience. From entry level developer to all the way in the leadership role, I have been through all of the phases. As a CTO and a co-founder of my last company, I along with the other co-founder built it from the ground up and turned it into a multi-million dollar entity which we operated for almost 8 years. There I provided the engineering vision, was a systems architect, worked with multiple teams under my direct supervision to develop large-scale highly-performant big-data analytical solutions for specific clients. Details are on my LinkedIn profile.

During my exciting journey in software engineering, I learned a lot from first-hand experiences. The pains, the gains, operations and the processes. What worked and what didn't and why? Why design is as important as engineering, or in some cases even more so. I consider myself a half designer and a half engineer. I design first and then put engineering details to work, not the other way around.

Creativity has no limits, which is why that process intrigues me. And what really excites me is how it pushes the engineering to realize the vision. I like to take pride in software products that I develop, to me it's like creating art. I get intimate with important details, figure things out, test out different ideas and concepts, and in the end strive to deliver beyond expectations!

Below is a taste of my previous (scaled-down) projects that I have been modernizing slowly for the only purpose of showcasing them. The projects list will grow with time so please check in periodically. The list below is up-to-date as of November 5, 2017. Several of the projects are still in the pipeline and will come online gradually.

Nasir Aziz


Nasir Aziz
Afghan Diary

portfolio project


Not too long ago some Trojan Horse organization leaked some data on the interwebs that made the king's men and all the horses go into a frenzy. The data was rich and extensive but no one knew what really it revealed. Media talking heads had their speculations and then there were vague statements by the politicoes.

I decided to download that data and crack it open to analyze it. Lo and behold there was too much information and not easy to digest. So the obvious, create some interface to visualize the data. And that is precisely what gave birth to this custom analysis app. 


The first version of this app was developed using Microsoft's now obsolete Silverlight platform. This was circa 2010 and it was hot then promising endless possibilities. And yes I drank their Koolaid too. Later the technology was discontinued, abandoned and the browser plugins were gone. Here is the stack that was utilized at that time:

- .NET C#
- XAML [Extensible Application Markup Language]
- Microsoft Silverlight Platform
- WCF SOAP Protocol for web services
- Microsoft SQL Server & MongoDB

Now in 2017 that won't do. It was now time to modernize the whole app from end-to-end. And that is what I did. I adopted the new stack as follows:

- REST Services (JWT Tokens based Auth)
- ASP.NET Core 2 WebApi Framework C#
- Angular 4 - TypeScript
- Material Design Components for Angular
- NodeJs
- ElasticSearch 5.6 NoSQL Index
- Data enriched via in-house proprietary NLP Services

And with that, the dead analysis app was alive again. That required data ETL to ElasticSearch, full re-write of the front and the backend and a week later it all worked out. Go ahead and play around with it. Here is how to access it:

LINK: Afghan War Diary
Username: demo
Password: demo@encompass


portfolio project


I always get asked that how do computers and machine learning help analyze text from natural language? Rather than explaining the details and go deep down into it to explain how that actually works, the best way I found was to visually demonstrate the capability in real-time and then use that to explain the details step by step.


In the recent past, I developed among other many things some Natural Language Processing models using popular machine learning techniques and methodologies. Collected tons of data by developing text mining robots, did feature engineering on collected data, PoS (Part of Speech) tagging and applied many other learning techniques to develop models for determining the sentiment of natural language text, to extract entity information out of it and compute key terms in an efficient manner.

All that effort gave birth to commercial grade NLP models that were extensively used in my previous engagements. Just recently I developed a small application interface to demonstrate the capabilities of those models in real life scenarios.

Here is what was involved:

Data/Machine Learning
- Data crawling robots using .NET C#
- Weka Data Mining Software
- GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering)
- Stanford CoreNLP
- Python NLTK
- BigML Programmatic Machine Learning 

Front/Back End (current)
- REST Services (JWT Tokens based Auth)
- ASP.NET Core 2 WebApi Framework C#
- Angular 4 - TypeScript
- Material Design Components for Angular
- NodeJs
- MongoDB
- ElasticSearch 5.6 NoSQL Index

Below is the link and access info to test out NLP in real-time with real-world information:

LINK: NLP Realtime Text Analysis
Username: demo
Password: demo@encompass


portfolio project



Mango was a real-time, location-based communication app that allowed free and safe interaction with others in the area — all without the barriers of contact details or social media handles.

While out to dinner with friends one evening, I began to notice how people, throughout the restaurant, were sitting with friends and amongst strangers, yet they were busy on their phones. That made me wonder: What if we created an app that gave people the chance to interact in real time with the people and merchants in their current microsocial ecosystem? How could this influence our daily interactions?

And just like that, I became obsessed with the untapped potential of a real-time, location-based communication app. I along with my vision formed a team and set out to create an app that gave people the chance to naturally communicate with people and merchants in the vicinity — without ever needing to know their contact details.

Due to myriad of constraints we were not able to launch the app properly in time and had to shut down the opertaions despite it being complete and ready for market.


Application was simultaneously developed for multpile mobile platforms: Apple iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Technologies that were used at that time (2014-2015)

- Xamarin Mobile C#
- Ionic Framework
- PhoneGap
- Apple Swift - Xcode
- Windows Mobile SDK
- Self Hosted Push Notifications Server utilizing PushSharp Library
- REST API server using ASP.NET MVC/WebAPI



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